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Introducing the
Confident Smile

Give your patients a confident, aesthetic smile with
Reveal®, White Dental Beauty tooth whitening, and CompoSite.

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What is A Confident Smile Makeover?

The Confident Smile Makeover incorporates a clear aligner system, professional tooth whitening, and cosmetic bonding treatments to transform patients’ smiles and confidence.


Unlock Practice Growth

Combining cosmetic treatments together is attractive to patients as they will be able to achieve a stunning smile in one treatment process. This reduces practice costs while increasing revenue potential.

Enable Superior Aesthetics

The Confident Smile Makeover approach helps provide reliable, aesthetic results thanks to Reveal and White Dental Beauty’s innovative features for teeth straightening, whitening, and restorative treatment.

Host an Event

Run a Confident Smile Makeover event to kick-start your patients’ smile journey, differentiate your practice, and increase patient referrals. Receive personalised support from a Reveal specialist to host your first event.

Confident Smile Makeover Bundle

Discover how much you can save when combining Reveal with White Dental Beauty tooth whitening and CompoSite.



Reveal your patient’s smile with a crystal-clear, aesthetic aligner solution that is also manufactured for a precision fit to help ensure predictable treatment outcomes for a wide range of treatments.


Renew natural whiteness and go even whiter with WDB professional whitening treatments. Whether combating severe discolouration or striving for the perfect celebrity smile, whitening is a safe and cost effective solution.



Revitalise natural whiteness by adding CompoSite bonding to teeth to completely transform your patient’s smile and confidence, resulting in natural, predictable, and beautiful results.

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Refresh your smile on the go in a quick and effortless way. These WDB professional whitening strips dissolve on your teeth in a number of minutes, leaving you mess free and minty fresh.

Host a Confident Smile Makeover Event

Hosted at your practice, a Confident Smile Makover Event is a great opportunity to encourage consultations, take digital scans or impressions, and promote a full Confident Smile Makeover to patients.

To ensure your event is successful, you and your team will receive product training and support from your Reveal Specialist.

Tips for a Successful Event
1. Choose a day when your whole practice is available to attend and support, preferably outside of standard working hours.
2. Give yourself at least 2 months to plan and communicate the date to your patients.
3. Market this event through all your channels: social media, email campaigns, signage at the office, and on your website.
4. Schedule bookings in advance, so you know who will be there and fill the full day with patients!
5. Take digital scans or impressions of every patient who attends. If they are ready to start treatment, take their deposit and start their treatment plan immediately.  This enables the greatest chance of case acceptance.
6. If your patient isn’t ready to commit that day, save their impressions, so when they are ready, you can start immediately.
7. Take before and after pictures so patients can see their progress and you can use these images for your marketing initiatives.
8. Celebrate with your team on your first successful event – and begin thinking about when you would like to run the next one!

Reveal can help with your event

Fill out the form below to contact your Reveal specialist and learn more about the Confident Smile Makeover.

You can request one of our Digital Specialists to also attend with an integrated intraoral scanner so that you can try it before you buy.


Getting started with
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